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Sophie Ristelhueber, Aftermath: Kuwait, 1991

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I’m devoting my life to feeling like shit.

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they aint have to kill the dog in i am legend bruh

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by awound

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  1. Touch It/Technologic - Daft Punk
  2. Friday Night Gurus - Studio Killers
  3. Love Robot - The Noisy Freaks
  4. Wondaland - Janelle Monae
  5. Digital Love - Daft Punk
  6. Strict Machine - Goldfrapp
  7. Dirty Robot (Tofu 1.5 Remix) - Arling and Cameron
  8. Cry for Love - Savant
  9. In Tokyo - Studio Killers

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Model:Angel Ulyanov

Photography: Maxim Gizatullin

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do people actually enjoy blink-182. do they sit down and think “yea i’m gonna listen to some blink-182 and find this a really pleasant and rewarding act and experience” has that ever happened and if so why is there no one to stop it

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Willie Doherty - Sever/Isolate (1989)

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Givenchy by Alexander McQueen, Fall Winter 1999 Ready-to-Wear. Photographed by Thierry Orban.

Sarah Burton: ‘I remember one collection - the prêt-à-porter autumn/winter 1999-2000 collection - which involved a model in a Perspex robotic body. The guy who made the robot told us ten minutes before the model walked out, “If she sweats in the suit, she’s going to electrocute herself. So tell her not to sweat”.

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